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Assistance with ANA test results

I have been having symptoms of inflammatory arthritis for over 5 years. I get intermittent episodes of burning pain in my spine along with pain in front hip bones, shoulders and wrists. I have no joint swelling or other symptoms. Historically, my CRP, ESR and ANA have all been normal.

I recently had a very bad episode of arthritic pain in my spine and front hip bones. The episode started 2 days after a dentist appointment. After 2 weeks and still not feeling 100% better I went for some blood work.

My most recent blood results showed a normal CRP and ESR. But for the first time, my ANA was high. The ANA titer is 1:320. The ANA pattern is nuclear speckled A.

I am very scared and hoping for advice on the type of autoimmune disease the test may indicate.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

  1. Hi amykcpa,
    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we cannot give medical advice over the Internet (for your own safety). However, I will say the ANA test alone is not enough to diagnose lupus. Approximately 10 percent of healthy people test positive for ANA, and 20 percent of healthy women will have a weakly positive ANA test. People with other types of connective tissue diseases might also have a positive ANA test. Your doctor should look at other test results, any current symptoms, and medical history to make a diagnosis. Many in this community have found a rheumatologist helpful in the diagnostic and treatment process.
    This article may help provide some information on tests and test results:
    Wishing you all the best, Doreen (Team Member)

    1. I've had symptoms (pain in my joints and back, fatigue, headaches, heat intolerance, fevers) for over 10 years now. I can't find a dr who can help me, let alone one who will diagnose me with lupus, even though i have more than enough of the symptoms. I had one Dr say he was 98% sure I had lupus, but my ANA test result was negative. That Dr has left the practice, so I've been searching for another, getting told I have fibromyalgia, menopause, a gluten allergy, and all sorts 9f crazy things. In the past few months, my symptoms have gotten much worse, and every morning I wake up unable to walk because of the pain in my back and legs. I used to love taking my pups on long walks, but that's no longer possible.

      1. , I'm so sorry to hear about how long and frustrating your journey to diagnosis has been. Unfortunately, that's far too common in our community... One of our patient leaders shared her story of being misdiagnosed for years under similar circumstances: I hope you are able to find a provider that will really listen and support you as soon as possible! Sending gentle hugs,
        Gabby (team member)

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