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A Day in the Life With Lupus

Lupus can leave you feeling drained, physically and emotionally. People who do not live with lupus do not always see the complications and struggles those who have lupus face each day – or their incredible resilience! During Lupus Awareness Month, we want to shed light on the daily uphill battle and the downward spiral of chronic illness.

We asked our team of lupus patient leaders who contribute and moderate within our supportive community to share with us:

  • Something they wish other people knew about lupus
  • Something they have learned on their lupus journey
  • Something that helps them cope on the hardest days

What I wish others knew about lupus

There are so many little-known facts and deeply personal ways lupus touches someone's life. It might get in the way of attending special events or finding the energy to shower. Our Health Leaders offer valuable insight into what they go through daily with lupus.

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What I have learned on my lupus journey

Lupus is full of life lessons. Anyone who lives with the condition knows that there are some lessons they did not ask for. Here are some ways our Health Leaders have learned about expectations, self-care, wins, and non-wins along their lupus journey.

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What helps me cope on the hardest days

It can be challenging to find hope in the darkest moments. Developing healthy coping skills might look like taking a break from demands, spending time with children or pets, or creating a poem or piece of art. Here are some ideas from our contributors:

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A day in the life with lupus

We hope you enjoyed following along with what a day in the life with lupus is really like. Spreading lupus awareness and advocacy can only help raise the voices of those who can and should be heard. Let us know what your day in life is like in the comments below.

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