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HOPE: Holding On Purposely Every Day

Have you ever felt at odds with wanting to fight for your life and just giving up because of all the pain? I know I have and it is a constant battle that humbles me daily. Sometimes, I feel like the hope I have is the thin line that can break at any moment. I often have to psyche myself out by doing things that give me a purpose to really hang in there. Garnering hope in your lupus walk will take a conscious effort, but it is necessary to defeat lupus daily.

What is HOPE?

The dictionary defines HOPE as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. A want for something to happen or to be the case. We all want this type of HOPE in our lives, especially when battling a chronic illness like lupus. But, in those hard times, it can be difficult to be tuned in to HOPE. It can be stressful to put the pain on the back burner and rely on the desired outcome of being pain-free. So, what can we do to keep HOPE in the forefront to help us get to a sense of healing in our body? We can make sure we are Holding On Purposely Every day!

How to tap into your HOPE

We can tap into our own hope by just doing what the acronym means at this moment: Holding On Purposely Every day!


Hold on to the power of wellness in spite of lupus. Believe that it is possible to live a good healthy life beyond the pain. Hold on to the hope you exhibited as you fought through the tough times to get to your today. Finally, hold on to the possibility that a cure will come and in your small healings every single day that gets you through.


On top of all of your lupus issues, get on the ball with communicating your needs and wants as you walk in this lupus journey. Be honest with your family, friends, and doctors as to how you really feel. It’s important to stay on top of being your own best advocate without fear or apprehension. With all of that in mind, it’s so imperative that you educate yourself about lupus and stay on top of how it affects your body.


Set your intention to purposely live well in spite of lupus. Make getting better your priority by eating well, exercising and keeping your mental and spiritual health intact. Doing this, you will help your body to respond with periods of feeling well in spite of lupus. Get purposeful in your plan to defeat lupus day-to-day.

Every day

Every day, in every possible way, make sure you make a conscious effort to get up, get dressed, get out and live beyond lupus constraints. Lupus can severely stifle your will to live. Therefore, it is important to get into a habit of moving and living beyond lupus. Every day you have to make an effort to change the way you think, act and react to lupus in your life daily.

Live in your HOPE

Find your HOPE and live in that desire to be well in spite of lupus. Realize, beyond lupus, life is still amazing and nothing can stop you from HOPE, Holding On Purposely Every day!

What gives you HOPE day to day in your lupus fight? Let me know in the comments.

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