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Dear Lupus, I Declare Victory

Dear Lupus,

What is your problem? Sometimes, you try to make this life so difficult. You get on my last nerve and can bring on so much agony and pain daily. It’s like you live to feed off me. Sometimes I think you rise just to try your hardest to make me fall. You taunt me and try different things, to do what I believe is, to kill me. You rear your ugly head in so many lives and it is just plain nasty.

I wanted to let you know that these types of attacks on my person will no longer be tolerated. There is no way I will allow you to try and make my life miserable with your crazy shenanigans. Moreover, I can’t continue to permit you to attempt to ruin every moment in my day. Therefore, I have determined it’s time for me to take my life back!

I am a fighter

In short, it’s time for you to see my real worth. A person worthy of living outside of your pain. I need you to see me as the most beautiful person that you don’t want to mess with. In addition, I advise you to begin seeing me as the fighter you may knock down but can’t keep down. Take a look at me, I have gotten up and overcome every trick in your book. As you work to attack me, I have learned how to combat that attack with healings over you every single day.

Right now, I declare victory over you. Together with conviction, I will whip you senseless and walk into the life I know I deserve! There is too much good in my life that brings glimmers of hope that I won't deny. Like the kiss of my child that extends such sweet unconditional love. Things like the coolness of a breeze that reminds me of every breath I take in my courageous life. The small things like a butterfly landing on my hand to remind me of the importance of the beauty within my day. Honestly, these moments in my days make me realize that my life is worth living in every nanosecond of its magnificence.

Lupus is only a small part of my life

All of the small glimmers of hope help me realize that you are only a small part of my daily walk. Even when you try to make yourself the prime issue I can see the best in my life. Most importantly, you can’t control moments in my life if I don’t let you. I know with the beauty within me that I don’t have to react negatively to everything you try to place in my life. I know you are just a part of my life and not all of who I am.

Lastly lupus, you can make me wonder if this life is worth fighting for. However, moments in this beautiful LIFE empower me to KNOW how wonderful it really is to overcome and be a conqueror over you. Above all, I want to let you know my life is surely worth living in spite of what you bring into its moments. There is nothing you can put on me that I won’t be able to defeat and move forward from.

Lupus, you are put on notice. I won’t go down without a fight!

In a courageous fight,

Me, a lupus warrior

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