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A woman with lupus embraces a flurry of heart against her body.

Self-Love Beyond Lupus: Healing in Between the Cure

It can be difficult to extend love to yourself beyond lupus. Between the physical pain and emotional strain, it can become so stressful that you forget to care for yourself and love all that you are abundant, beyond it all. Sometimes in your lupus battle, you are so busy fighting that you neglect yourself, and miss the love you need in spite of lupus. Therefore, it is so important to figure out different strategies to help yourself, love, on your own being more than anyone or anything else in your lupus fight.

What is self-love?

Self-love is the love of self beyond things that you may purchase, relationships you may have, or moments you may experience. Self-love is way beyond just feeling good about yourself. It is a deep appreciation that encourages physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Self-love is who you are when no one is looking. It is exactly what you think you are when you look in the mirror. It is not something that you are automatically given. You have to learn how to love yourself beyond all your issues, just like you had to learn to walk, talk, run, and be. Self-love is a skill mastered with maturity, created by conscious actions and behaviors that encourage value and love from within. Self-love is so important to living well beyond lupus.

Increase self-love beyond lupus

Before you can begin to tackle bringing on the self-love, you have to first accept the fact that you have lupus and that life has changed. You have to be cognizant that you will constantly have to make changes to how you live and how you love yourself. Then, you have to realize that those changes do not dictate your value in any way. You work hard to get to the point where you can say to yourself and others that you have lupus, but lupus does not have you.

3 ways to increase your self-love

  1. Self-care - Beyond the pain, beyond the strain, you still have to take care of yourself. Making sure you get enough sleep, getting enough exercise, and making sure you are eating well are forms of self-care. Value your life enough to do the right things for your body, mind and soul daily with a self-care routine.
  2. Space – Give yourself space to feel every emotion that lupus may bring. Don’t feel guilty for experiencing the feelings you have and don’t beat yourself up about your emotional rollercoasters. You are fighting a hard battle daily. Extend some understanding and love to yourself.
  3. Gratitude – Be thankful for who you are and how strong you have become beyond the pains of lupus. You have survived 100 percent of the things you thought you’d never overcome. Love the body you are in and speak life into every part of it. Realize that your self-talk will have a direct reflection on your self-love.1

Make a conscious effort to embrace and take pride in how much you have overcome. Be patient, be persistent, and treat yourself with respect. Know you can love yourself abundantly beyond lupus and receive some healing in between the cure.

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