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What It’s Like Being a Lupus Warrior

Many people may wonder what it is like being a lupus warrior. It’s kind of hard to explain, but let’s give it a try. Below is a list of things that a lupus warrior goes through. It will give you an idea of what it feels like to be a lupus warrior. People rarely understand the depth of dealing with lupus and its issues. They often assume what a lupus warrior should do, without even understanding what lupus is. Here it all is in a shortened format just for ease of understanding.

What it’s like being a lupus warrior

  • Imagine living your life feeling like you have the flu ALL THE TIME.
  • Picture yourself walking around with 40-lb dumbbells in your pocket weighing you down.
  • You know how difficult it is to be scared or fearful. Now, Multiply those feeling by 100. Envision that feeling for yourself daily.
  • At night, when you finally dose off to sleep, imagine pains in places you didn’t know existed waking you up in tears.
  • Wake up with limited movement in your body from the pains all through the day and the night before.
  • Imagine, because you can’t do the things you used to, feeling like a burden instead of a blessing.
  • Stop and think about how people judge you because of a disease they know nothing about.
  • Envision an emotional rollercoaster of fear, sadness, hopelessness and anger.
  • Can you even fathom depending on medications to keep you alive? Think about how you would feel.
  • Form a mental image of everyone misunderstanding you. Misunderstanding your lupus fight, your treatment and your totally changed life.
  • Think of the moment you realize that lupus issues could possibly kill you.
  • Visualize, just for a moment, being slapped by a frying pan with fatigue that sleep doesn't help with.
  • Try to figure out how to live when your body is riddled with pain, you are emotionally drained and you can’t seem to get a hold of a nanosecond when lupus is not interjected into your day.

Lupus is exhausting

In conclusion, the above is a small idea of what it’s like being a lupus warrior. It can be exhausting trying to learn your body and figure out how to modify your life to fit your new normal. Lupus is a lifelong fight and until a cure is found, a lupus warrior’s fight will continue daily. No, every day is not difficult, but it’s important for people to understand a lupus warrior’s way of life has completely changed.

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Lupus warriors are hopeful

Hopefully, those beating lupus daily worldwide, won’t have to explain how it feels to fight this difficult disease. Optimistically, one day, there will be a cure. Until then, try putting yourself in a lupus warrior’s shoes just for a moment to really understand what it’s like being a lupus warrior.

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