Stuck in Sinking Sand, Part 3

...Another trap! I can't take it! How many times since you have opened your eyes have you felt stuck? Stuck in pain and just struggling to get moving? Feeling a little low and being down on yourself? In this final installment of Stuck in Sinking Sand, let's get out of the sand traps that we place ourselves in.

Sand traps and ways to overcome them

Expecting perfectionism

Too often lupus warriors want to be perfect in their living. There is no perfect living especially when you have lupus. Lupus is too unpredictable and can often lead to disappointment when we expect perfectionism. Therefore, it benefits every lupus warrior not to place unrealistic expectations on themselves to be perfect.

Neglecting your mental health with lupus

What does it benefit you to neglect your feelings and emotions as you battle lupus? Why hold them all in until they stress you into a flare? Just as physical health is important in your lupus battle, so is your mental health. Make the time to release your feelings about your lupus fight. Whether it is by journaling or speaking with a professional, it will help to get you out of that sand trap.

Being afraid to ask and accept help with lupus

Sometimes as you go through lupus issues you can fall into the trap of thinking you are a burden. This leads to being afraid to ask for help and neglectful in accepting the help you may need. Know that you are not a burden and there are people placed in your life to help you through. You do not have to fight lupus alone.

Assuming worst in every lupus situation

Lupus is a hard battle to fight, but every situation within that fight doesn’t have to be the worst you have ever seen. Some issues are recurring issues that you have overcome. Other issues are new and may seem harder because you’ve never seen them. The reality is how you view the issue is ultimately how your body will respond to it. Take some time to change how you respond to your lupus issues so you can avoid this sand trap.

Overdoing it and expecting good results

When you don’t listen to your body it opens the biggest sand trap in sinking moments. Lupus warriors have a tendency to push through when they really need to sit down. There is no reason to prove that you can be strong when you need to rest. Make sure you are listening to your body and resting when you need to instead of when you are forced by your body.

Avoiding sand traps with lupus

All in all, you have the power to avoid sand traps by your actions and reactions to what lupus brings. In this 3-part series, you are able to identify the traps and create solutions. To avoid sinking sands make sure you are making time for yourself, not being too hard on yourself in your journey, and working towards changing those habits that can create flares.

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