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5 R’s of Lupus to Get Through a Rough Day

Every day with lupus can present some difficult moments. One day you are on top of the world. The next day you are in the trenches fighting for your life. It really does happen just that quick. Therefore, it’s important to have action plans for those changing moments.

The 5 R’s of lupus

There are several things you can do to help get you through those rough moments. Let’s start with the 5 R's of lupus.

  1. REALIZE: As the life of a lupus warrior changes, they have to realize that the change has come. You can’t just keep going on with life as nothing has happened. This can cause your body, mind, and soul to become stressed. That stress will make it difficult to deal with and overcome sudden changes in your body. Hence, the seriousness of stopping and realizing that your good day has completely changed. Realize.
  2. REST: Once you are able to identify the issues that have hit you out of the blue, you have to get in action mode to make it better. This is not a time to overdo it or push yourself until you are completely exhausted. Rest is of crucial importance for any lupus warrior. It is the hallmark of what gets the warrior better and healthier in their living. It’s sad to say, because of life, too many lupus warriors skip this restful stage. But, if you want to keep healthy beyond lupus, you must first realize when you are struggling and then take action to rest. You can give yourself permission to rest. Rest.
  3. REFLECT: In addition, once you realize the issues at hand, rest from those issues, you can now reflect. Reflect on what was going on with you in the moments that your body, mind, or soul changed to a painful experience. As a matter of fact, reflect on what you put in your body. How much stress you were under or if something triggered the pain. Then take a moment to realize your rest has given you the strength to make it through another moment you thought would take you out. Reflect
  4. RESET: Above all, take time to reset the moments in your day. Set a plan to take it slowly, making sure you are fully overcoming the issues. You don’t have to rush it, but you do have to make a conscious effort to make a plan for a healthy comeback. Reset.
  5. RECLAIM: Finally, reclaim your downtime. Get back up and start again. Don’t allow the rough times to keep you in a painful state for too long. It’s of the most foremost duty to know you can still be healthy beyond lupus issues. Reclaim.

Healing starts with you

What do you need to do daily? Take the 5 R’s seriously: realize, rest, reflect, reset and reclaim. It’s the only real way to get the most healing out of your lupus walk in the healthiest way. You got this; I believe in you!

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