A person peeking through a crack in the surface of quicksand.

Stuck in Sinking Sand – How Do I Get Out? Part 1 of 3

Stuck, splat, and stuck like that!

Have you ever felt just stuck? Stuck in a conundrum of particles that keep you from just moving freely? Like you stepped into some sand that engulfed your feet and started to pull you in. Additionally, you pull your legs, but somehow you still begin to sink deeper in the sand. Sometimes that’s what lupus feels like.

Getting unstuck

There are some habits that so many may not know they have that can create flares in them daily. It’s never too late to change patterns and incorporate new positive actions. You must first know what your lupus habits are.

What habits have we learned? Most times, early on we learned some survival tips. These methods used usually bring on a false sense of help. Those methods can make anyone feel they are moving in the right direction, when in fact, the habits keep them stuck in everlasting flares.

Lupus habits holding you back and creating flares

  • Waiting on one day beyond lupus to come. You wait for one day to exercise or stop smoking or be happy beyond lupus. Waiting like the time will never come. Get up don’t wait, the time is NOW to get well beyond lupus.
  • Doubting your healing abilities. All too often lupus warriors are stuck in pain. Thus, that pain places doubt on their healing abilities. You have power over your pain. Just as your mind plays tricks to make you think you’ll never get over the pain, you can help your mind help you get past it. Stop doubting how strong you are past lupus issues.
  • Craving your old life before lupus. Anyone can get caught up in what used to be. It’s important to take moments to make sure you don’t allow what was to hinder you in your right now. Make a conscious effort to see what was and adjust to what is to get a semblance of well beyond lupus. In short, you can only live in your NOW.
  • Comparing yourself to others with lupus. Although lupus is the same disease, it presents itself differently in each individual. Therefore, you can’t compare your flares to someone else’s overcoming. You can’t even compare today’s flare with yesterday’s pain. It’s all about perspective and getting an understanding of how your habits can increase or decrease flare activity.

Still, feeling a little stuck in the icky yucky?

Yes? I know I am! Right now, I feel like that sinking sand is trying to pull me deeper into its dark hole. I can’t have that! We have more things to discuss to help us get out of this place of sinking. We’ll talk more in part 2.

What are some things you believe you can remove to help you out of that sinking sand trap? Let us know in the comments.

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