A woman looking at her sad reflection in a mirror in one hand while holding a trophy in the other.

Victim or Victor?

Do you ever feel like you are in a dark place? Like you can’t crawl out of a lupus flare before another flare takes a hold on you? Do you feel like you have nowhere to go, nowhere to turn, and no one to talk to in your battle with lupus? These are feelings and thoughts that may inundate your thoughts constantly.

Sometimes there is shame in walking on this lupus journey. Held in and harbored over and over again until it becomes a sort of armor. An armor that you cover up with great energy and smiles as it eats you alive inside. After a while, that shame becomes pain, resentment, unforgiveness, and rage. A cocktail of emotions and thoughts that create constant flares and physical pain.

Smiling on the outside with lupus

Meanwhile, on the outside, the world sees your beautiful smile, your great positive energy and they believe you have it all together. They believe you aren’t really ill with a chronic condition that has changed your life in the most difficult way. Oftentimes, you make sure that is all anyone outside of yourself ever sees.

Even when you are feeling dark and lethargic on the inside. Frustrated and pained physically, mentally, and emotionally, you find the moments to push through a fake smile and all. But, through that time, you forgot you mattered. You forgot how important you were to you. You neglected yourself and began to play the victim in a journey you didn’t even cause.

This version of you, on this lupus journey, became a person you’ve never seen before. A person drowning while trying to swim out of the trenches of lupus issues. You forgot who you were from the painful experiences and issues that lupus has and continues to put on you.

Open yourself to love, empathy, and compassion

It’s time to return to your love. It’s time to rip out the shame, the pain, the resentment, the unforgiveness, the anger, the sadness, and all the moodiness out of you. The only way to do that is to uncover what is holding you hostage to constant flares from what you feed your mind and spirit.

When you expose those dark feelings, emotions, and experiences to light, you open yourself to love, empathy and compassion. You no longer hold on to those things that literally tear you up and eat you alive. It is at this point you become a victor in your lupus journey. Fighting for your right to live well beyond lupus. Realizing, at that point, that you are meant to shine over lupus and not perish in the barrenness it can bring in your life.

Turning pain into purpose

It’s time to turn your pain into purpose. It’s your moment to get plugged into that powerful energy source of being greater than anything lupus puts on you. You are a VICTOR defeating lupus daily as you push through. Believe that you can live well beyond lupus. You are strong, you are important and you are a fighter.

Stop allowing your pain from lupus to place you in an emotional jail of being the victim when you have proven daily you are the victor. Are you ready? Make the decision today and walk, talk and think in the power of victory over lupus.

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