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What gifts would you want to receive?

Learning of a new lupus diagnosis can feel overwhelming. Some friends and family may want to help show support, but not know how best to show up. What gifts would you have appreciated receiving after learning about your lupus diagnosis?

  1. Hi Gabby and thank you for your post. The gift that I would have liked the most is for my family members and closest friends to do as much research on Lupus as they possibly could. Doing this would help me tremendously because they would have a much better understanding of what I go through daily. Also what I may face as Lupus progresses throughout my life. That would be the best gift they could give to me.

    1. That is a great gift to receive. The gift of understanding is immesurable. Thanks for that. ~Racquel~ team member

    2. excellent idea. You might want to turn them on to My friends have learned a lot and are more emotionally supportive. One friend had her housekeeper come over and do my house. All three of us won in that instance.

  2. Dont you just love that grocery stores and pharmacys have drive through pick up. Having someone volunteer to pick up the order for you would be awesome. I have the best friend in the world but, MiAmor, my dog, can't drive! So, I rely on my BFF in the rare instances I need her to swing by and get the order. That's an excellent gift.

    1. the "little things" to most people are not little to someone like us. I am truly blessed with my friend and church family. ❤️😇

    2. 😘

  3. Just hugs, love, support, understanding and prayers♡

    1. , Those are the greatest gifts of all. Something we ALL deserve 💜 Gabby (team member)

  4. Someone that gets what you are going through. My late husband didn't understand and my sons surely don't.

    1. , I'm so sorry you haven't had the family support in your life that you deserve. You are certainly not alone in that. It's so hard to explain the realities of life with lupus to someone who isn't living with it everyday.
      Gabby (team member)

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