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Hello, I want to get another tattoo I've done a lot of research but just wanted to see what real people had found getting a tattoo with Lupus?

  1. I don’t have any suggestions but I am going to follow along. I have had the tattoo I wanted picked out for the better part of a decade but have been too scared to get one. With my luck, I’ve been told many times, if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any, it would end up mega infected. But I hope all you with tattoos share yours and your experiences getting them as related to your lupus!

    Amber B, RN ( team moderator).

    1. Hi, !

      I don't have any personal insight, sorry. All the research I did stated it was okay if your Lupus is mild and not flaring, but to proceed with caution. I bet you already knew that, since you mentioned you had already done your research.

      I do hope one of our community members can chime in here with the personal experience you're looking for!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

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