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Recently Diagnosed. Constant Wrist Pain - Any Help?

I'm a Nigerian recently diagnosed with lupus. I have this constant wrist pain that has refused to go away despite taking NSAIDs. Any help?

  1. Hi Tasha! Thank you for commenting. I can feel your pain and frustration. Receiving a recent diagnosis can bring on so many different emotions, but to then add, constant pain in your wrist, is hard! Have you had a chance to speak with your medical provider about this?

    Although we can not give you medical advice online "for your safety," we do have many community members here on the site that can share their experiences with you as well. How long have you been experiencing your wrist pain? Is it in both of your wrists or just one?

    Sending you healing hugs!
    -Lawrence ( Team)

    1. Thank you so much.
      Yes I have and he recommends I keep taking prednisolone and rub with diclofenac gel. The pain has been there since october 2019.
      Ild welcome if any member experiencing this can share how they tackled it personally.

      1. Thank you. Would look up 'nerve pain medications' and speak to my doctor about it.

      2. Glad to hear that Tasha! I hope a conversation with your doctor can help you figure out what type of pain, such as nerve pain, is causing the issues with your wrist and help you feel better! Wishing you the best.
        – Ava ( Team)

    2. Hi Tasha, I noticed you received some great responses to your question about wrist pain. I thought it may be helpful if I share my personal experience with this as well. I, similarly to you, dealt with constant wrist pain for years. I made it worse with an acute injury during an exercise boxing class. I thought my injury was just not healing, but it was actually the chronic inflammation contributing to the ongoing pain. I also used the topical anti-inflammatory gel (as I cannot use NSAIDs). I had an old wrist guard from many years prior that was recommended for carpel tunnel. I wore that every night to position my hand and wrist correctly. It actually did help a bit by removing the constant movement we put our hand and wrist while we sleep. I also went to a neurologist for nerve testing since there was numbness in the hand going up the arm after years. Although there was some slight nerve damage, the doctor assured me that this was not the cause, and to continue with wrist guard at night. Personally, after years...the pain has subsided. Yay!!! I do notice that if I'm not careful and I put too much pressure on the wrist, I start to feel it again. Although we cannot provide medical advice, for your own protection...I will say that the best thing for me to help was the wrist guard. It was the kind that had a hard metal formed bar that goes on the bottom of the arm/wrist/hand and wraps around the front with velcro closures. Most drug stores carry these, and your doctor can probably direct you better or order one. This is a device I continually go back to using for several days/nights when I "tweak" my wrist putting too much pressure on it. Good luck, and let us know how are you are doing! ~Marci ( Team)

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