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Problem getting pain meds?

How many have had issues getting pain medications? Has it been a struggle to convince your doctor that your pain is real and has become unbearable?

  1. 22 years and still no help. Even though I have had numerous specialist state I need medicine for chronic pain.😔

    1. @Mimi Oh no I'm sorry. This has become such a difficult thing to get these days. Do the doctors ever give you prescriptions and then not allow them to be refilled?

  2. No, they say that because I'm a good girl they do not want to prescribe anything that I may become addicted to is what I was told. To be exact they said that because i have never been in a detox, arrested, have a solid work history, counseling and family support. They were concerned about prescribing anything. This is after 21 emergency room visit in one year. This was told to me by a addiction psychology and the Pain Dr. At this point i take tylenol and lay in bed. It's sad, detrimental to me. I am full of so much energy its unheard of and all I may do is be a prisoner in my home and mind. Thank you

    1. I have seen more than 200 hundred doctors and specialists. Its just sickening

      1. I am so sorry you are going through this. It's such a big issue for people who honestly are dealing with so much pain. I hope you find a doctor that will understand your needs and help you to find some relief. I know this is so hard to deal with. ~Racquel~ Member)

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