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Problem getting pain meds?

How many have had issues getting pain medications? Has it been a struggle to convince your doctor that your pain is real and has become unbearable?

  1. 22 years and still no help. Even though I have had numerous specialist state I need medicine for chronic pain.😔

    1. ,
      That has to be quite a challenge having to drive 3 hours to see a specialist.
      It's even worse if you don't get the help and support you so need.
      Do you have a friend or family member who may take the drive with you?
      My heart goes out to you as you try to find the care, support, and relief you so need.
      All my best, Doreen (Team Member)

    2. My husband goes with me but he doesn't drive much anymore. But he's good moral support and could drive if emergency.

  2. No, they say that because I'm a good girl they do not want to prescribe anything that I may become addicted to is what I was told. To be exact they said that because i have never been in a detox, arrested, have a solid work history, counseling and family support. They were concerned about prescribing anything. This is after 21 emergency room visit in one year. This was told to me by a addiction psychology and the Pain Dr. At this point i take tylenol and lay in bed. It's sad, detrimental to me. I am full of so much energy its unheard of and all I may do is be a prisoner in my home and mind. Thank you

    1. I am sorry
      The pain comes and goes but mostly stays
      Sounds like you have it a lot worse than me
      I use the extra strength Tylenol for arthritis and CBD cream and oil but it still is painful
      Hot showers help and my rheumatologist will give me steroid shots when it gets bad in a specific area
      I prefer not to take pain meds that will affect my kidneys or be addictive
      Taking Prednisone was awful and I refuse to take it even though it helped with pain

  3. I have seen more than 200 hundred doctors and specialists. Its just sickening

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this. It's such a big issue for people who honestly are dealing with so much pain. I hope you find a doctor that will understand your needs and help you to find some relief. I know this is so hard to deal with. ~Racquel~ Member)

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