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Shortness of breath

Hi, I hope you are all surviving this winter. I just have a question and wanted to see if anyone else experienced shortness of breath during a flare? Seems it happens every time I'm feeling bad. Not sure it's from the pain or just inflammation.

  1. Hi, !

    I was actually looking for some resources for you and came across this post you made two years ago close to this time -- Do you notice you are experiencing this shortness of breath more in the cold weather? If so, that's not too uncommon for people without Lupus to experience when the outdoor air is especially cold.

    Are you dealing with a flare right now or have you caught one of the many bugs going around this year? I only ask because I am *still* recovering from a nasty cold one of my kiddos brought home from school. Your lungs may just be extra sensitive when you are feeling run down or in a flare.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I am glad Erin found the link for you. But I will say yes. Sometimes I do. But I also have lung issues. So sometimes it’s hard to know what’s what. If you haven’t mentioned it to your rheumatologist/PCP I would definitely do that. Even if they don’t want to investigate further at this point. You’ve at least told someone. But if it gets worse then what is normal please seek medical attention! Big hugs! Amber ( team moderator)

      1. I do experience a feeling of shortness of breath during flare ups, but it's gotten worse since having COVID three times. I've not been the same since nor has it gotten better. It's crazy how just trying to get dressed can cause shortness of breath. Haven't gotten any answers to why. But it is worse when my pain levels rise above my tolerance...then it's worse.

        1. , Longterm COVID complications have seemed to have unexpected effects on a lot of folks. I hope researchers can find out more. Thanks for sharing with us.
          Gabby (team member)

        2. Those covid long term symptoms can be difficult to differentiate from lupus issues. So hard to deal with I am sure. What does your doctor say about trying to get it all a little better for you? ~Racquel~ team member

      2. Growing pains , stiff muscles constant ache with shooting pain muscle crawling up. Unable to walk

        1. , are these symptoms you are dealing with right now? I know dealing with chronic pain is not easy.

          Best, Erin, Team Member.

        2. I'm so sorry you are dealing with all this. I am holding space for you to find some relief. Gentle Hugs ~Racquel~ team member

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