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Men with lupus

I just want to know how many men have lupus or am I alone here?

  1. , I am glad you asked this, I know you are not alone but understand from those men here in our community living with lupus, that it can often seem like that. We know that according to the Lupus Foundation, between 4%-22% of the people living with lupus are male, and I have heard from our male community members that they are often forgotten or dismissed.

    If you are looking from some articles from the male perspective, I hope you'll check out Christopher Reed, one of our contributors

    Thank you for raising awareness about this, it is so important that people understand men are also living with lupus! - Liz ( Team Member)

    1. I am glad that you reached out to As Liz has said, men are often forgotten in the lupus community. I remember attending various local lupus programs and even participating in telephone calls where men were completely left out of the conversation. I have participated in meetings when the attendees have only directed the conversation towards women with lupus. I believe that it is important to include men in the conversation not only for the male benefit but because there is a possibility that the causes and treatment of lupus may be right below our noses.

      Christopehr Reed, Team Member

      1. You are definitely not alone. There are male lupus warriors out there. can definitely help you there. I spoke with a great male lupus warrior not too long ago to bring more awareness to men with lupus. You can view that interview at and reach out to him if you like. ~Racquel~ team

        1. Thanks Raquel. I know Keith! Yes, he is a strong person. We live in the same city. He has participated in a few of our men's meetings here. The Brotherhood of the Wolf meets virtually the last Sunday of every month.

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