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Dry mouth with watering

Has anyone found away to help with dry mouth it's driving me crazy I even got all my teeth removed because I thought that's what was causing it so if anyone can help me I would be so grateful or what kind of Dr to see I went to a ENT Dr and she said I was making my mouth wet and I make this weird face when I do it so my mouth hurts from doing it all the time it's really hard to describe what I mean but maybe someone else is going through the same thing. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  1. , So sorry to hear you are experiencing such discomfort. While we wait for others in the community to share their relatable experiences, I thought I would share a couple of articles that address this topic of dry mouth. This first one is about one lupus warrior's experience with Sjorgen's and the dry mouth symptoms that come along with it: and this one is a general overview of the different mouth and dental complications experienced alongside lupus: Hope these are helpful! You are not alone!
    Gabby (team member)

    1. dry mouth is so hard to deal with. I would definitely spenwith your doctor to make sure it isn't something else going on. I use biotene toothpaste to help and the biotene mouthwash when it gets bad. It helps me and doest leave a medicine taste in my mouth. I hope you find something to being some relief. Your doctor can help in helping you choose. ~Racquel~ team member

      1. hi you can buy a spray for dry mouth

    2. I'm sorry you're going through this, it is a very difficult symptom to deal with especially as it affects our speech and ability to eat. I have been dealing with dry mouth for over a year and have found a few things that help.
      -Breathe through your nose as much as possible instead of your mouth
      -Sip water constantly
      -See if you can reduce or avoid any medications that exacerbate dry mouth (pain meds are especially bad for dry mouth unfortunately)
      -Use biotene dry mouth spray, I use this throughout the day it has a nice minty feel to it and just slightly oily. They also have a gel you can apply at night, I didn't like the gel taste but it could help you. I find my teeth and entire mouth often hurt after sleeping, I guess from not being able to sip water or apply something lubricating for so long. There are also dry mouth lozenges if you wanted to try those. I hope this helps! Wishing you relief. -Ava, team

      1. Hi babygirl14
        I have extreme dry mouth at night. My dentist recommended an over the counter mouthwash called Biotene. I rinse before bedtime and if I get up during the night. I have found that it works very well for me. Your dentist may be able to give you a small sample bottle
        Hope this helps.

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