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Diagnosed Today

Hello all.....

My name is Michelle and today my doctor called with a diagnosis of Lupus. I'm in shock..... I have wrist pain and a finger that is buckling that both began a year ago ( I thought both from an injury- I am super active and ski and hike, go to the gym regularly) I took a cortisone shot for my wrist last summer which took away the pain for a good six months. It's back- but not nearly as bad. I don't have any of the other symptoms I have been reading about except for the bloodwork antibodies and a positive ADNA test. I honestly just thought I would get a diagnosis of osteoarthritis.
I am worried about what the future holds......will I wind up getting the fatigue and other symptoms? Am I headed for kidney issues? Do I need to see any other doctors? Has anyone had a similar experience with just positive labs and minimal joint issues?

  1. I will add I am 54 years old, a high school teacher, mother of two and treasurer for our local union. I am a busy! I don't have time for this....LOL.

    1. My question is was this your M.D. that told you it was Lupus? Please seek out a Rheumatologist and get an appointment. Be your own advocate and get some answers. Lupus can be difficult to diagnose. You need more definite answers. With that being said, if you do have Lupus you can still lead a very normal life. Keep positive and fight. Stay as active as you can. Rest when you need to. And enjoy your life. Best of luck to you!

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        Wonderful advice!
        Thanks so much for chiming in.
        ~Doreen (Team Member)

    2. It was a rheumatologist who diagnosed me. I was told based on the blood work (Anti DNA (ds) positive with a value of 11 and ANA direct positive / abnormal that Lupus is a definite diagnosis. What I am not able to discern is how high do these levels go? Was mine very high? I was hoping the blood work wouldn't be so conclusive....... that this wasn't my reality.

      1. , Early days after diagnosis can be especially overwhelming. Please know you are not alone. Lab work can be difficult to understand. In addition to going over your results with your doctor for a more personalized breakdown, this article has some tips for understanding lupus lab work: This article also might be helpful, it shares tips from community members of things they wish they knew when they were initially diagnosed: I hope some of these resources are useful for you! Sending gentle hugs to you,
        Gabby (team member)

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      We're glad you found this community.
      As Gabby mentioned, a recent diagnosis can certainly be overwhelming.
      In addition to the articles shared above, I wanted to include one more that may help give you a better understanding of the diagnostic process:
      Always know this community is here for help and support. Reach out any time.
      Warmly, Doreen (Team Member)

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