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What type of clothing is best when dealing with a lupus flare?

Clothing can create challenges for those living with lupus.

Maggie shares 12 Tips for Dressing with Lupus - including slip-on shoes and work out clothes.

What tips would you suggest?

  1. I find I have to have loose fitting clothing especially when I have lupus lesions. I also use clothing that has some SPF in it if I am going out. I have learned to wear hats to block the sun too. ~Racquel~ team

    1. what is Lupus Lesion

    2. Lupus Lesions come with cutaneous and discoid lupus. similar to a butterfly rash but over other parts of the body. Sometimes they come as raised red bumps and other times they are flat. I get them on my legs, the back of my ankles as well as in my scalp like hotspots.

  2. I agree with the loose fitting clothing. I just finished writing a couple of articles about clothing for men living with lupus. As a teen, wearing clothing with a draw string was very helpful. The pants were fashionable at the time and just went back on the market. They aren't appropriate for work or the winter, but they are very comfortable and there is no need to worry about tricky buttons or zippers. Look out for my article. Christopher Reed Team Member

    1. so excited for those articles! And for raising awareness around men living with lupus. Happy Awareness Month! - Liz ( Team Member)

  3. I like comfy leggings and a t shirt. At night i like a loose t shirt and fuzzy pj bottoms something

    1. Yes the absolute best! ~Racquel~ ( Team Member)

  4. I have found the most awesome bras for wearing while dealing with the pain in my shoulders. Bralettes with no underwire and no adjustable straps feel so good compared to the standard bra most stores carry.

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