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Anyone struggling with gift ideas?

Christmas is in 14 days! I've only bought two gifts so far. Between lupus pain, fatigue, and brain fog, who has time to think of gifts for their family? Or to offer up their own suggestions when family asks what you want?

It's tough! Normally I start early but this year has been a lot.

So what are some gift ideas? Throw anything out there that you're getting for family or friends, or that you want to receive. Maybe it could help some of us finish up our Christmas shopping!

Some things on my list are:
An outdoor rocking chair
Books for my kids
A fire extinguisher
The gift of time and help
Stemless wine glasses

  1. I don't do shopping well at all LOL. I have a grown son and I just get him stuff for his new truck LOL. But some great gift ideas I have used are things like wine, gas cards, intention bracelets, health equipment, and house plants. For kids I've don't books and toys and I tailor it to what they like. People are hard to gift sometimes because they have everything. Have fun shopping 😀 ~Racquel~ team member

    1. shopping is hard! I just got wine as a gift for someone last weekend. Gift cards of any kind are a great idea! Books were on my list for my kids. It's best when people are able to just let you know what they want - saves everyone's time and money! -Ava, team

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