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After Flare Self-Care

It's hard sometimes to bounce back after flaring for a period of time.

What are some of your essential self-care needs after recovering from a flare?sleeping mask

  1. I'm usually so tired after a flare. So, I def usually try to get as much sleep as possible. Those afternoon naps help so much.
    -Geri (, team member)

    1. are we meant to sleep when we are tired? even during the day ?

    2. , If your body is calling for rest and you are in a position where you can take nap, listen to your body and give yourself the rest you deserve (even during the day)!
      Gabby (team member)

  2. I am trying to deal with this but I'm really tired of being tired...I'm really sick of being sick...I eat when I'm hungry...I sleep when I'm tired... don't really know any other way to handle this sometimes

    1. , Lupus never rests, you are doing everything in your power to take care of yourself! Keep being gentle with yourself and listening to your body. I hope that research is able to find more effective treatments and cure soon 💜. You are not alone in this battle. Sending hugs your way,
      Gabby (team member)

    2. I understand exactly how you feel. lupus is so difficult and can wear us down. I'm happy you are here with others that understand. I can tell you this, you will have these rough moments and the only think you can do is rest and that's okay. I'm sending you gentle hugs. Thanks for sharing this difficult part of this lupus journey. ~Racquel~ team member. 💜🦋

  3. I was diagnosed a year ago but I really think I have had it for years. I just finally found a doctor that listened to me and tested me correctly. So needless to say I am reading books, joining sites and groups to help me understand. I look forward to chatting with everyone
    Oh. Someone told me that carbohydrates cause flare ups?

    1. welcome. I'm glad you found us. A wealth of information and support. It's so good you have a doctor that listens and cares. It's so important to have a good treatment team in your corner. Carbs definitely play a role in inflammation here is a great article that discusses that
      It has helped me to keep a food journal to see what foods affect me. It's good that you know now. ~Racquel~ team member

  4. I just got diagnosed but have had this for at least 15 years. It got to the point where I've been in bed or on the couch a good 75% of the time these last couple years. Still not treated and waiting to see a Rhuematologist.These last 4 months were darn near unbearable, fatigue, nausea, vomiting sweating and chills pain so bad I could walk. Not life not dealth just somewhere in between and unable to go in either direction.

    1. I’m so sorry it has been so rough. Getting diagnosed can take some time and the wait is the worst with all of that pain. I am sending you gentle hugs and hope you get to see a doctor soon so you can get some answers and relief. I hope today is a little better for you. Thanks for sharing. ~Racquel~ team member

    2. Hello @wandawow111 Lupus is really such a struggle and I'm sorry to hear that these last few months have been even harder. Please know that we are all here to support you. I hope you are able to see a rheumatologist soon! - Geri (, team member)

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