Tips During a Pandemic

My name is Julie 51 year old. I have scleroderma lupus. What I have learned during this hard time is not to let the pandemic affect me.

Self-care tips

I constantly do my meditation in the tub, look at my birds, do my art, but especially more important I eat right. I just ordered new art books and art pens, email my friends. You have to learn to be compassionate to yourself. Take that nap, sit in the sun, hug an animal, tell your loved one how much they mean to you during a flare, get in-house help when you're sick.

Asking for help

It is important for us to remember when we do not feel good ask for help make noise. Remember there are people out there who believe you. So take good care of yourself. Self compassion is a good thing to make us stronger. We are warriors but all warriors need a little help, there is no shame in that.

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