A woman with lupus clutches her heart where the imprint of a butterfly appears.

10 Gentle Daily Reminders for Lupus Warriors

Lupus is a difficult condition to live with and thrive beyond. Therefore, it's important that you remind yourself of the good things that help you overcome tough lupus battles. Here are 10 gentle daily lupus reminders that may help you to remember just how amazing you are beyond lupus’ grips.

10 Gentle daily reminders

1. You are brave beyond lupus

This is proven every single day that you push through. You defy the odds by using your courage, strength, and resilience to be more than your lupus diagnosis.

2. Live well in spite of lupus

No matter what lupus throws at you, remember living well is achievable. You will have to work a little, but it will be worth it.

3. Be powerful beyond your lupus pain

Beyond popular belief, you are powerful over your pain. When you learn to control your reactions to pain, you can essentially take control over it. However, that doesn’t mean you will never experience pain. It simply means that we will react differently in order to be powerful in our healing from the pain.

4. Celebrate every overcoming of lupus issues

It doesn’t matter how little you feel your accomplishments are past lupus, celebrate you! Celebrate any moment that you felt hindered you in your fight. It all matters, from getting out of bed when you feel horrible to brushing your teeth when your hands are riddled in pain.

5. Allow yourself permission to feel sad or upset

Look, your emotions are important. You have to release them so you can get to a sense of release. Above all, don’t be afraid to allow those emotions to show. You are human and it’s okay to feel unsettled about having lupus.

6. Allow yourself permission to be happy and content

Just as those negative feelings are important, so are your feel-good emotions. It’s okay to happy and content as you battle lupus. In fact, it is very much needed in order to combat those tough lupus issues.

7. Forgive yourself for your guilt and shame

Remove the guilt you have for saying no. Get rid of the shame you have for having lupus. Guilt and shame bring you stress and that can cause flares. Be cognizant of how you lupus think. You don’t want your own thoughts to hinder you in your fight.

8. Everyone is not going to understand your fight

Every person won’t get what you are going through. Lupus is hard to see if a person doesn’t really know what lupus even is. Don’t waste time trying to get others to understand your fight. Just make sure you understand your fight and fight for your life.

9. Be gentle with yourself

You are fighting a hard battle. Speak well over yourself and create and tap into healing thoughts in between the pain. It’s important to love on you as much as you can.

10. Be ready and be prepared to beat lupus

YOU GOT THIS! You have beaten lupus 100 percent of the times you thought you couldn’t. Don’t be afraid to stand in that power daily.

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