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Looking Back With Lupus

Over the last year, our community has navigated pain, fatigue, work challenges, medication side effects, support needs, mental health challenges, and more.

Our community members have so much in common, but each lupus experience can vary greatly over the course of a year. We wanted to take a look back at 2023 and hear directly from you. What has been hard this year? What are you grateful for?

Fighting fatigue

Living with lupus comes with its own brand of fatigue. It is more than being tired and can be hard to communicate with others. One day it could be because of a medication side effect, another day it could be directly because of lupus. Fatigue can feel impossible to escape.

Looking back at this year, how often have you had to fight fatigue?

Healthcare team

Establishing good connections with your healthcare team is important but might not always be easy. It can take time to find doctors and specialists who work for you and help you navigate your lupus journey with as much ease as possible.

What have those relationships looked like this year?


Do you find yourself with a different attitude toward your lupus medications since you were diagnosed? It can feel scary and confusing at first. Or maybe you were just grateful for a treatment plan. How are you feeling this year when it comes to medications?

This or That

How have you felt about your medication this year?


Does lupus make it difficult for you to be successful at work or interfere with your ability to work? There are laws in place for protecting employees in the workplace, but it can still feel difficult or even impossible if you don't feel supported by colleagues and supervisors.

What has work been like for you this year?

This or That

Do you feel supported by colleagues and supervisors at work?


One of the most common lupus symptoms can be pain, specifically joint pain. Looking back at this year, do you feel like you were often in pain? Have you been able to cope with medication or other strategies?

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