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What tips do you have for managing medications?

Once I week I refill my pill boxes with my medications. It takes me about 20 minutes and I try to take time each week to check if I have enough of my meds and request more from the pharmacy if needed. It's not a simple process though, and requires a lot of attention to detail - and counting! Then, every morning, I transfer my daily meds into a pill container from the pharmacy (to help keep them safe from my two year old) and carry them with me all day in order to make sure I have them nearby so I can take them on time. I usually take them with meals, which helps me remember and not miss doses. It's a simple routine but it still took me a long time to start sticking to it. How do you manage your medications? Do you have any tips?

  1. I also put my pills in a pill case each week to remember. One of my symptoms is not being able to remember as well as I once did. My children help me but I don’t want them to have to be my caregiver being they are 19, 20, & 22. My husband passed away 7 years ago from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) so I know all to well how hard it is to be a caregiver. I don’t regret doing it for my husband and I also fell right into being my mother’s caregiver during the same time and continued two more years till she passed from dementia. But my children know when I have a flare up and they will call to make sure I’ve taken my medicine on time.

    1. It sounds like you've been through a lot caring for your husband and then for your mother. I'm glad that your children help to check on you. As hard as it is to remember to take our medications, things tend to get even harder if we forget them and start to flare. Thank you for sharing. -Ava, team

  2. , a case is a good idea, thank you for sharing it. It sounds like you have done a lot of caregiving in your life. I am hoping for some pain free days ahead for you. Thanks for being part of the community. - Liz (

    1. For more information on medication management, check out this article on coping with everyday challenges of living with lupus:

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      1. I usually keep all of my pills in one place and set reminders on my phone to take them. With lupus fog it can be difficult to remember it all. ~Racquel~ team

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