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Two legs showing the bones inside that are radiating pain lines from the joints.

Ease Joint and Muscle Pain With Lupus

Nine times out of 10, when you are having a flare-up, they start to attack your joints first. Sometimes you can’t notice the symptoms because it seems like a normal thing for you to go through such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and more. You mistake these pains sometimes with just being tired but it can also be your body telling you that you are about to have a flare-up.

When your joints feel so painful that when you walk you can feel as if your body can’t take your weight limit or do not have the strength to withhold that much from your body. Sometimes you will feel joint pain when your body starts to retain fluid because the fluid can press against your bones. I have had plenty of these experiences throughout my time of having lupus and there are natural precautions you can take to ease the pain you are having during your lupus flare as I did.

Tips for relieving lupus joint pain

Most of the time, we feel this when we overuse our body during physical activities. To relieve pain from my experience we can do things such as:

  1. Stretch muscles before doing any activities
  2. Avoid activities that will cause you to have serious muscle pain
  3. Do yoga or meditate
  4. Ice packs on the hurting area
  5. Hot packs on the hurting area
  6. A warm bath with Epsom salt
  7. Ibuprofen or Tylenol for relief
  8. Rest to heal

Managing lupus muscle pain

Some people do not believe that resting in bed can help you get better and heal from having this muscle pain because meds in my case will not completely work. It seems as if your body becomes immune to taking these narcotics to where they don’t have a purpose or you to take them anymore. A lot of people experience these things to where they can stay in constant pain all day.

This use to happen to me a lot and I ended up finding natural remedies to help me relieve those pain. I started to go to the CBD store and buy CBD bath bombs and CBD liquid to help with joint pain. When buying a bath bomb, I usually soak for a while to help ease my muscle pain. After bathing I would go and relax and ease the pain. Some people might decide to soak and drink wine to get the body to relax even more.

Signals you need to rest

When it comes to getting rest, you need to sleep at least 8 hours, especially with any autoimmune disease. How can you realize you need to take a break and focus on your body?

  • Tired and in pain at work
  • Tired and in pain at school
  • Tired and in pain at the gym
  • Dizziness and light headed
  • Not being able to lift or stand
  • No urge to eat
  • Sometimes being sensitive to touch

Being sensitive to touch can also be when someone pokes or touches or taps you and just by the sense of touch causes you pain. Some of these things we don’t notice just because most of these symptoms normal people experience without having any serious health issues but that doesn’t mean you ignore them like I did because I ended up getting sick all of again. So take your time and focus on yourself and your body and health.

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