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Weather and You

Which season do you feel the best? I feel like I am better in summer as long as it’s not too much heat. ~Racquel ~ lupus team member

  1. I'm in Arizona and feel worse with the heat! Cold is better for me.

    1. some times it is easier to just say your allergic to the sun then explain lupus and what it does and why the heat makes us sick. - Amber ( team moderator)

    2. oh goodness you are pretty much between a rock and hard place. But that humidity is tough. You just feel like you are walking through a wall of wet sticky heat. I hope you find somewhere that you can be comfortable! Sending big hugs.
      Amber ( team moderator)

  2. I think fall is the best for me. Overly cold and I’m hurting. I’m in Missouri.

    1. I am also in Missouri. I’m In the SW CORNER. I feel like fall is best. Spring can be okay too if we actually get spring and don’t go from winter to summer which we kind of did this year. But I’m just partial to fall LOL. I love all things fall. But if I could find somewhere where the temps/conditions were like that, I would move tomorrow.

      Amber ( team moderator)

  3. I haven't lived in extreme cold but colder is better for me.

    1. , Thanks for sharing! You are certainly in good company. Hope this summer isn't too brutal!
      Gabby (team member)

    2. Awesome thanks for sharing. Many felt better in the colder weather. I don't know if I could do extreme cold either. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

  4. I am also in Arizona and have to leave in the summer to come to Minnesota, the heat I cannot breathe in. But also when I'm in Minnesota if the humidity is very high, I can't breathe then either. I wish there was that perfect place.

    1. try Hawaii

    2. that would be a great move that I's love until it was time to be in the sun 🥴~Racquel~ team member

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