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So does anyone else get rashes on their arms and hand? I walked around a craft show for an hour and the next day had a rash on my whole arms and hands. That's never happened before. I'm taking hydroxychloriquin and I asked my Dr if that had anything to do with it and he said no. Been trying to Google things but not really too much detail about Lupus rashes. Was just curious if anyone else has experienced this.

  1. Rash on arms & chest; begins when exposed to sunlight

    1. Sun is an enemy. I wear sun protection clothing always. I've gotten things on sale at Dicks sporting goods, it helps tremendously

      1. , So sorry you are dealing with that right now without any real answers from your doctor! You may already know some of this, but we do have an article that goes into some of the different rashes experienced alongside lupus: I hope this helps! I know some people on our facebook site have also shared experiences with lupus rashes on their arms and hands. You are not alone!
        Gabby (team member)

        1. Ouch I don't like those rashes at all. I do get the rashes all over usually it depends on my stress level and if I've been in the sun. Did you notice if the rash came right after you took the medicine? I ask because it definitely could be a reaction. Sometimes lupus rashes come out of nowhere to any part of my body. I hope they settle down some for you soon. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

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