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Plans for Thanksgiving

What are your plans to keep yourself stress free during thanksgiving?

  1. I am preparing a meal for two people and doing some Christmas decorations. Having to many people over can be stressful for anyone; keep your guess list between 4 to 6 people.

    1. good plan. Hope everything went smoothly! -Ava, team

    2. Thank you I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. ~Racquel ~ team member

  2. My plans were to do nothing and just show up to eat, haha! It worked out pretty well, although the traveling and visiting are always more taxing than I expect. What should be rejuvenating for me (and is for the rest of my family members) is exhausting and takes a while to recover from. It was still a good Thanksgiving, hope yours was too! -Ava, team

    1. Well I hope you have rested some. Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. Thanks ~Racquel~ team member

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