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Other Diagnoses

What other health diagnoses do you have? Are you treating just your lupus or other diagnoses as well?

  1. I have Lupus Sjogren's syndrome RA chronic migraines as of now I hoping that is it.

    1. I hope that is all as well. I have RA, Lupus and Type 2 Diabetes.

  2. God had let me open my eyes for another day..I hope all is well for also learning too live with Lupus, RA,Sjogren's as been a very challenging thing for me ..the depression has set in. With the holidays coming up I'm one who always decoratived one in the family ..I can't get up an down on the ladder must less go too shed too get these thing anymore ..I wish these was a fix for this thing for all of us

    1. I'm so sorry you are feeling the depression. Do you have someone to talk to about how your are feeling? I now it can be difficult to get through those moments. Can you modify what you decorate and find a different way to be the decorartive one? I am sending you good vibes and gentle hugs. ~Racquel~ team member

      1. My mom has been in my corner on the bad day ..she trys an pull me out of them. I try too remind my self that I can't do the thing I use too do or like I would like too because I pay for it physically.. but I also have found that it is also mentally..I just have too figure out how too deal with this new life style an it's just not agreeing with me well. I'm sure at some point I well get it! Thank you for the talk this morning I needed it sending positive vibes an good thoughts your way hope every step along the way is a easy one for you today.

        1. just checking in on you I hope today is a better day for you. I appreciate your good thoughts 😌 ~Racquel~ team member

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