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Calling all Lupus Warrior Moms! Let's discuss motherhood!

Being a lupus warrior is hard, being a lupus warrior mom is super tough! Let's come together and share our joys, challenges, frustrations, whatever to help one another. If you have any tips and tricks in caring for our littles and BIG littles share those too. Let's connect. 😀

  1. AJ, my almost 2-year-old, is getting over a cold and he is a TOTALLY different boy when he gets sick and it is tough to manage. This is his second time being sick in a month. Of course it all started when he got to daycare. How are things going for you all and . Please feel free to tag other lupus warrior moms you know.

    1. I realize I'm super late in responding - which just speaks to how hard it is to be a lupus warrior mom! But still bummed to hear about having to go through a cold - I am absolutely dreading cold season as my 3 year old starts preschool in two weeks. It's so hard taking care of sick kids! I am worn slap out trying to take care of two littles and myself. I think my biggest tip is to keep things as simple as possible! I make a lot of our chores "play time" so that I can get things done with them (my son LOVES to "play roomba" he thinks it's hilarious) and keep other play ideas as easy as can be. Another example, yesterday we laid on the warm spot on the floor where the sun was hitting it and pretended we were on the beach, ha! Thanks for starting this thread! Lupus and motherhood are HARD.

  2. things are going pretty well. Ava is teething pretty bad to where her emotions are at a all time high but she is blossoming. How is Aj doing as of now ?

    1. Yeah teething is a hard phase, glad she's doing well in general. He's ok -- hitting the 2-year-old phase and asserting his independence. It's a fun rise for all of us, LOL

      1. My son is a grown man now. He was 3 when I was officially diagnosed. It was difficult but he was my saving grace he has always taken care of me when dad wasn't around. The gentle hugs and just laying with me rubbing my head was so comforting even at his young tender age. ~Racquel~ ( team member)

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