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Its OK to not be OK

Hi all. Every month I have too many appointments to go through. I lost my dad recently. I’m applying for housing and tomorrow I have to go to the SSI office, doctor's appointment, meditation group, pain group, and physical therapist. I just got off the crutches yesterday. The infection in my knee was so bad that I was in bed for 2 weeks. I scrambled yesterday to get a cab for my appointments Saturday. I felt panicked and overwhelmed. Everyone expects me to get things done. I unplugged the computer and turned it off, unplugged my cell phone, went and had a warm soapy bath, apple cider, turned down the lights, and layed in the tub while I did mindfulness meditation for one hour. I came out feeling better. The point being, I forgot about my mental health. So from now on, I will prioritize doing Tai Chi for one hour per day and maintaining a healthy diet. If you are feeling overwhelmed seek help, make noise, do a hobby. During this pandemic, it's OK to not be OK. By taking good care of ourselves we can heal better and be stronger. Please remember to love yourself. Love, Julie

  1. Wow you have been going through it. I know all that you have been going through has been rough but I'm so glad you found a piece of serenity and time just for you. Such great advice to remember to love yourself. Thanks for sharing ~Racquel~ ( Team member)

    1. hi everyone its Julie. I have an update. i went to the ssi doctor saturday what he said blew me away. No one walks into my office with your type of spinal injury. He said you are suppose to be dead. I do not understand how you lived through it.i want you to understand how serious this is. Someone wants you here was watching over me. i have a Titanium disk c5 c6 c7 6 screws. he said there are ground rules no using a hot stove becaue of the neuropathy in my hands if i get burned do not feel it, chair for shower, grab bars, use a walker for safety, no using big knives, use plastic knives and forks, no lifting heavy pots and pans, use a microwave only , use paper plates, louisa can cook food put it into containers for you to warm up, counseling for ptsd, pt for hands, knees, shoulders, neck, monthly pain control, if i feel i can not have a shower if my balance is way off use baby wipes, continue art therapy, tai chi, meditation and pain classes. so this is where i am. i took my ativan when i came home. i called my adopted mom who calmed me down. we both agree these are some awesome ideas to help me stay alive and stay healthy i just never expected to hear that. i lost it. i came home and just fell apart. Julie

      1. wow, you are going through so much! And I'm sure you are in a lot of pain. I'm glad you shared it here. Also that you are so active in using all your supports and coping - how long have you done art therapy? - Liz ( Team Member)

    2. past june until they feel i am stronger but right now i am using a walker so i do not fall. pt said 70% there .they want and try get the feeling back in my fingers, toes, there was so much damage from the accident it will never heal i would have to go through posterior occipital cervical fusion due to the bone in my head again i am a pit bull i am going to bounce back and i will be chasing the boys again.

      1. every year they so an mri to see if i am stable. pain in my neck, shoulders, back, hands are so numb i drop things it drives me wacky. when i put my hands in water imagine being with tiny needles to the point it hurts, you scream. its the same with my feet in the water in the bath. small nerve neuropathy. no diabetic. nerve damage.

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