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Has anyone bled postmenopausal?

Could anyone help me with this? I'm 51 and just had bleeding after 2y of not having a period. It started on Oct 19 and it's been happening every 10 days. But, it's only one day each time. No overflow. Not running down my legs etc. It just felt like how I had my period. Same symptoms.
I've going through a tremendous amount of stress regarding my platelets in the past year, they are chronically low. Been through a bone marrow test a few weeks ago, no results yet. My gyno says that because I haven't had my period for so long , he can't rule out uterine cancer. I'm going to do all the tests required to see what's going on.
I've had Lupus for 35y, went in for treatment of Rituximab in the month of August and they have been trying to take me off of prednisone for 2y.
Anyone please shed light on this. I'm nervous of what be the outcome.
Thank you

  1. Hi, (Adrienne)! First off, I don't blame you for feeling nervous. Lady issues are hard enough to handle on a good day, let alone when they throw you curveballs like this!

    I think it's smart that you are being proactive and getting testing done and frankly, with the number of mitigating factors you have, I can't even hazard a guess as to what's going on with your reproductive organs. And, I know "Doctor Google" isn't helpful in this area, as the possible list of causes it will give you range from "no big deal" to "you're deathly ill". And that's NOT helpful!

    Lupus *can* affect menstrual cycles.

    How soon are you getting more testing done? You mentioned platelet issues. Have they been resolved or is the issue ongoing? Do you have any other symptoms related to the bleeding?

    Apologies for the battery of questions, but it's good to be able to flesh out what might be going on.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi Erin. Thank you for responding! I am going in for a pelvic exam tomorrow. You know, that kind? And an Sonohystogram on Friday.
      My platelets have been an issue for 2y. I have thrombocytopenia. Which the only good news I've had is my platelets went up to 36 as compared to 17. As far as lupus, I think they're happy.
      I was also on ozempic fir a year and a half before this. I lost quite a bit if weight. Had to come off of it. Face was sagging etc and I'm on only one pill of prednisone, 5mg.
      They have been trying to get me off of it. This as much as I can tell you. But, prednisone had been my lifesavior all my life. Now my body is feeling the withdrawal, big time.

      1. , gotcha! I hope that appointment went well. Heaven knows they're never great, but I hope it went smoothly and quickly! And I hope the scan on Friday gives you some answers. Will they be able to review the results with you at the appointment? I sure hope so. Waiting for test results can seem endless, I know.

        And, I know 'why' doctors avoid long term prednisone usage, but dang it, I wish they had a suitable replacement to offer people! I hope the withdrawal symptoms start tapering off and congratulations on the weight loss you have achieved (minus the face sagging. Sigh. Why do all medications have to come with unpleasant side effects??)

        Keep us posted on how your appointments go, only if you feel comfortable doing so.

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. how did everything go and how are you? I am in menopause and never experienced bleeding afterwards. I do know that my doctor said that inflammation in the lining of the vagina can cause bleeding or even low estrogen. It’s scary I am sure and sorry you had to deal with that. ~Racquel~ team member

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