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I have been recently diagnosed with gastroparesis and I do not have diabetes. I have always tested positive for scleroderma and my first rheumatologist, 12 years ago, diagnosed me with mixed connective disease saying he was sure I was having flares of lupus. I have a great GI doctor but I can't seem to get my diarrhea under control. I was hospitalized 4 times last winter for low potassium and low sodium. Any advice?

  1. Hi , it is good to hear you have a good GI doctor, that can make a big difference. But it sounds like some symptoms are just not turning around. That must be tough. While we cannot provide medical advice we can give you information and provide support. This article may have some things you already know, but I'll share it anyhow: Have you been tracking your symptoms? Sometimes that can help to identify patterns. - Liz ( Team Member)

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