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Face Wash

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has found a soothing face wash liquid that they find is good for skin with butterfly rash

  1. Cetaphil has worked for me in my past. Hope it helps.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply 😊

      1. I do a combination of cerave moisturizing lotion and baby oil with coco butter. I mix them and use it twice daily. It was a combination my dermatologist suggested and has worked to keep the rashes down and quell them when they do come up. Ask your doctor if they have any tricks or suggestions too. Sometimes they know of other ways to help it that doesn’t require medication. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

        1. OK that’s great because I have both I will start using right away thanks

      2. Thank you for your reply Racquel 😊

        1. My pleasure let us know what you find that can help you. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

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