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How do I explain this to my family?

My health has been on a downhill slide for about three years. I need to enlist more help from my adult children with household and outdoor work. I was very ill about three years ago from Shigella ( think E. Colli on steroids) and very dependent upon them for several months as I recuperated. I eventually improved and now I am ill again! I am an RN so I am used to providing care not asking for it. This makes it very difficult for me. My physician now suspects lupus and we are now doing advanced testing. Any suggestions you would like to share for having this difficult conversation would be helpful!

  1. I'm sorry you have gone through such difficult issues. It's never easy to discuss health issues with your family and friends. I felt the same way when I was first diagnosed and had to really educate myself first and then have a family meeting to inform my family what was really going on.

    I have also written letters. In that letter I explain how fearful I am divulging this information that will dramatically change all of our lives. It's definitely a hard conversation to have. You may also need to have them speak to the doctor to get a better understanding.

    I hope it works out for you. Thanks for your question.

    ~Racquel~ Team

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      1. I so wish I had some magical answer for you as I am too an RN and once was a flight nurse and ran a level one trauma center and now I can't remember the day or can't keep the laundry done and I once worked two full time jobs kept an immaculate house and was the glue and center to the universe that was my family. I now have no family left anymore no friends or real support close to me and not that they would come but maybe if they had listened before I got here or perhaps if I had made them listen maybe screamed louder something as now it is way to late for me. Best wishes

        1. So sorry to hear that it has to be very difficult for you I just found out that I have Lupus in 2019 but I'm sure I have had it for a while I hope things get better sound's like you were a great person

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