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Covid Vaccines

Are any of you on Hydroxychloroquine and are not getting the Covid vaccine? I had Covid (w/double pneumonia, etc), a year ago, and now am suffering w/Post Covid Syndrome, and it has attacked my lungs. I am not getting the vaccine.

  1. I am on Hydroxychloroquine but, I took the vaccine. I would say to really work with your doctor to get those post COVID issues addressed. I know it is difficult to deal with and I hope that you get the relief from it all you need. ~Racquel~ team

    1. I totally second what Racquel said, it is such a tough decision and I hope you have a care team you can talk to. We have a few articles on the vaccine on our site if anyone watching the thread has questions, we are happy to provide. - Liz ( Team Member)

      1. The only thing I take is blood thinners due to a clot in my lung about 15 to 18 years ago

        1. Oh goodness, that had to be scary. Have the blood thinners caused you any problems along the way!?

          Amber ( team moderator )

        2. no it hasn't but I'm confused because some people are saying get the covid shot and some say don't

      2. I hope thing get better for you

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