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Brain Fog and Temper

I get bad headaches and forget the smallest things and get so angry for nothing and then do things I never would have done but don't really get help from doctors. I'm a lupus patient. Does anyone else experience this?

  1. the headaches can really take a toll on you . The anger can be normal too. Short fuses from the pain. What medication are you on? That can cause both as well. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

    1. The headaches can be debilitating. Without relief from medication, I tried mindfulness and that helps sometimes. Sometimes nothing helps. I'm in a place right now that my body is allowing me to exercise and that's helped reduce the headaches. Sometimes exercise is not an option, so make this a major point with your doctor. Best wishes on your journey.

      1. great points thanks for that lees. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

    2. Yes, I get irritated easily. I feel like I’ll have things planned out and if one thing goes wrong, I’m furious because I know I have not planned to expend more energy than allotted. I get frustrated when people don’t give me enough time to get my thoughts together. Always been told I’m much better writer because it allows me time with my thoughts.

      1. , That's reasonable! Are you familiar with the spoon theory? (Here's a link in case you haven't heard of it before: )We only have so many spoons to spare throughout the day! It's something people who aren't living with lupus don't have to think about. Frustration is natural! Thank you for sharing with us. Sending hugs,
        Gabby (team member)

      2. I've been told the same thing. If I don't get the time to process my thoughts, I end up messing up big time with whatever I'm doing. If I'm told something before my first thought has processed, I'll forget what it was I was supposed to be doing to begin with. I can definitely do better when I can write my thoughts down first, but too often I don't have the time to.

    3. I thought I was the only one who got those forgetful moments. My brain fog causes me severe headaches and fatigue.

      1. , You are not alone! Brain fog and fatigue are some of lupus's most common side effects. I hope you are able to get some time to rest and relax today. Sending hugs,
        Gabby (team member)

      2. you are definitely not alone. Lupus fog can be so tricky to navigate and can drain you trying to get past it. ~Racquel~ lupus team member

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