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Avise Blood Panel

I am brand new here and wanted to get your thoughts on this. I am 42 and I've been having bilateral joint pain, muscle pain, and neuropathy in both hands for a few years now. I've had elevated rheumatoid factor in the past and had bursitis in one hip. I've tried every vitamin and mineral supplement, heathy eating, and exercising and finally went to the doctor last week to get the Avise panel done. The Avise panel came back all negative except two that were high equivocal. Those were the Anti dsDNA IgG and Anti B2 Glycoprotein 1 IgM. The family doctor sent a message to my chart that everything looked normal but I could use the diclofenac and see the rheumatologist if I wanted to. There's no way the pain I am having (again, I live a very healthy lifestyle) can be normal at 42 years old, but now I feel silly going to the rheumatologist. Has anyone here had a negative ANA and been diagnosed with any autoimmune disorder? I read that less than 2% of people have a negative ANA and have Lupus, but I also read on Johns Hopkins Lupus Page that the likelihood is high considering both of the tests that were abnormal are related. Thoughts?

  1. welcome to the forum. You can definitely have a negative Ana and have lupus. Here is an article that answers some of those questions surrounding that.

    Lupus diagnosis can take a while to diagnose since it mimics so many different issues. The blood tests are just a snippet of the entire picture.

    I can do relate being at your healthiest and getting sick. It can be so overwhelming. It can’t hurt to see a rheumatologist just to have that second opinion and to be sure. They will ask about your family history and other symptoms to help determine diagnosis. I am holding space for you to find the answers needed to rule out or get a firm diagnosis. ~Racquel~ team member

    1. Thank you for the welcome Racquel.

      1. ,
        We're glad you found this community and appreciate you reaching out.
        I do hope others will chime in with their own personal experiences.
        As Racquel mentioned, diagnosing lupus (or any autoimmune disease) can be challenging.
        Many in this community have found a rheumatologist helpful in the diagnostic process.
        In the meantime, this article may provide some helpful information:
        Always know this community is here for help and support.
        Kindly, Doreen (Team Member)

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