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Afraid to ask for help?

Are you afraid to ask for help on your lupus journey? If so, why do you think you have that fear?

  1. Fear of rejection

    1. , goodness, I don't blame you one bit. It's hard to be vulnerable and ask for help and then be rejected. Especially since Lupus can often be what we call an 'invisible illness', it can make it harder for people to believe you when you say you need help. Thank you for starting off the conversation here.

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. I can definitely understand that. It can be pretty hard to deal with. ~Racquel~ team member

  2. I am afraid to ask for help at work. I am concerned that the perception would be that I am incapable of completing my job duties.

    1. Definitely understandable. It's hard especially at work with people who would not understand. It gets to a point where you are hiding your pain and just pushing through. ~Racquel~ team member

    2. oh I can relate to this on such a personal level. I am an RN, the year I was diagnosed I was out a LOT on FMLA. So I left them short a LOT. So when I could, no matter how bad I felt I went. Bc I didn’t want to seem incompetent. I tried three other jobs also trying to hide my illnesses and I did for awhile. I had some really great coworkers along the way who would help me and i was so thankful. But once I couldn’t, I couldn’t. My diseases had progressed to a point where I couldn’t work. So you are in no way alone. I think most of us have dealt with this fear at one time or another relating to our health. You just have to do what feels best for you, in regards to asking for help. Amber ( team moderator)

  3. Fear of being told that it's all in your mind; or you're a hypochondriac.

    1. This definitely a valid fear. So many people will try and judge and say things that are so cruel. ~Racquel~ team member

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