And By the Way You Have Lupus...

The day was September 3, 2013 and I got a call from my PCP saying I needed to see an oncologist, only having hounded her about a lump in my armpit for almost a year. It was a Friday and I was at work and unable to answer my cellphone so she left a message. I know, what a message to leave.

Coping with diagnosis

I went all weekend in a state of shock really. Then come Monday I was at my PCP's office and not very happy with how things were handled. I was of course apologized to, then told I did indeed have what they believed was some sort of cancer.

Multiple autoimmune conditions

I was also told at that very appointment that oh yeah, you also have two autoimmune diseases. You have SLE and you have Sjogren's, but those will be put on the back burner for now while we push forward to treat your cancer. Fast forward two years and it's 2015 I'm in remission and still feeling like poop.

I go to my PCP again and get the good old, "well aren't you being treated for your Lupus?" talk... well no, no I'm not, because chemo and radiation completely wiped it from my thoughts... so here I am with a whole new set of daily problems.

Battling chronic illness

It's not easy being a cancer survivor, but battling a chronic illness every day is somewhat harder. I also have chronic migraines and with everything else going on in my daily life it's not easy being a Lupus Warrior, but we try.

Just me..

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