A Childhood Story

I've had Lupus since a child. I experience pain differently compared to many. I thought the pain was a normal way of life and never really complained. I was a very sick child, going to the doctor sometimes several times a week with high fevers, infections of some sorts that my mom was concerned with. Doctors couldn't explain why. Then I'd go through stages of absolutely nothing...healthy then bam, I'm down again. The '50s were a hard time for the medical field. I was finally diagnosed in 1994 with Lupus and Fibromyalgia and a few others but was having other issues that doctors didn't think was Lupus, but many symptoms I was having was blamed on Lupus until finally being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004.

Coming to terms with my relationship with doctors

It hasn't been easy trying to figure out what may be hitting me from day to day or month to month but my life has been good...once I learned to accept and change a few things in my life its been pretty good.

I've had a horrible experience with doctors and dropped by many for refusing to take the drugs I truly didn't want in my body. I did try a few and always felt worse and worse flare-ups. I was told by 2 doctors that I'd be in a chair and dead by age 50. "Laughing out loud" I'm 66 yrs and healthier then I've ever been. Giving my body what it was lacking has improved My Life! No doctor can take that from me again. I make the choices for what happens not them. Take Care of yourself first, you are important.

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