Patient Rights

When someone goes to the doctor, they believe they have the utmost respect from their doctors and they really do not. Imagine going to a doctor and they are telling you what you should do instead of weighing out your options. There are a lot of doctors that make this mistake of not having a relationship with their patients and see what’s causing these problems for their patients. In the past, when I would go to the doctor in certain places, I would have those doctors who do not understand patient compassion and what it is like to talk to someone because maybe they were not properly trained in that area.

Expressing pain to doctors

Some doctors believe that pain in a patient can be fake, but how would they know without taking the natural precautions. Some doctors end up putting patient's lives at risk of their own beliefs and myths. There is a time when the education fits but also when a patient opinion fits and that should be most of the time. When I would go to the doctor, I would experience unethical gestures and it would be from my doctor or a nurse. Proper etiquette can be the issue in most cases. I have had workers that would not clean my room and I would have to clean it myself.

Problems with healthcare providers

I have had worse experiences in the healthcare system that no one should have to experience, like when they are sticking you with a needle and putting an IV in. I usually recommend an arm because one of my arms actually does not give anyone the opportunity to even stick me let alone get blood. So I would always use my right arm. Well, I have gotten this one nurse that thought she knew better and she decided to keep sticking that arm. By the time she went to get a charge nurse, she had stuck me at least 4 to 5 times. This was so unethical in my eyes because I asked her and actually told her why she would not be able to use that arm. I understood on my arm I had a lot of scar tissue but that was the arm that works and was more efficient.

Patient rights matter

It's one thing that I really do not like being in hospitals but just to add to my anxiety can make me one of the worst patients in the world. Then we have some places that talk to you like you are below them and that is not the right way to act to. I understand you have other patients but it is your job to listen to all of your patients. Is it better to live in a growth mindset or a fixed one? Many healthcare systems may live off a fixed one and have been for years. This has caused a wide gap between patient care and patient rights. Some doctors think that you are crazy for refusing treatments that you think are crazy. That does not make you incapable of making your own decisions. So remember to always stand up for yourself no matter what.

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