I Prefer a Female OBGYN

I now completely understand the reasons why I chose female OBGYN’s instead of males. I used to not understand why until I met a man and completely stopped going to the OBGYN for a while. I then realized that I can just switch my doctors.

Having a female doctor I feel will help me because of the fact that it’s another woman. I will not, however, let any doctor try and influence me to do something that I would not like to do. It can be very uncomfortable for anyone to feel pressured into doing things that they do not like to do. I have found that many OBGYN doctors do not know much about lupus patients.

My male doctor experience

When I was pregnant with my daughter, he was okay, but he would always try and pressure me to get my tubes tied or me getting on birth control very seriously. That was a conversation I was not ready for because I and my husband make those decisions together. The female doctor told me it was my body, and I would tell her also that I know that it was, it just makes me comfortable to make a drastic decision like that with his opinion. In my honest opinion, I did not just want one child and I would like to conceive my children when I can and want.

I was uncomfortable

It was not until after my daughter that I realized how seriously I felt uncomfortable with having a male doctor. When I needed to get my IUD removed because of excruciating pain in my abdominal pelvic area. When we removed it, he told me I need to get another one but of course my insurance would not cover it. I told him that I did not feel comfortable with putting another one in and he went to lecture me about just going around and getting pregnant. Mind you this doctor knows that I am a married woman, so I am just not going around having children with anyone. Then I had gotten a pap smear did after he took it out and that was very uncomfortable, and I had no clue why. It felt painful while I got it done and then I bled for 2 days straight, it just was not comfortable for me to go back to this doctor at all.

Seeking a new OBGYN

I had not seen an OBGYN doctor in 6 months, so I decided to call the old female doctor I also saw while pregnant with my daughter and she is no longer there. A lot of doctors are no longer there. They either moved on and left and vanished into thin air out of the blue. I was able to get in to see a doctor for the issues that I have been having lately with my body. I feel that If my rheumatologist does not understand my feminine issue more clearly than a female OBGYN maybe would and take a chance to see how I can help myself in the longer run. I would like to have a fully experienced life here with my family so I would like to find every avenue to make sure that my health will always remain on point and in a healthy state of mind.

Because I live with lupus, I would love each doctor to have a full understanding of lupus and the body, but they are just going off of everyone's body. A lupus patient tends to already be afraid of their natural body and insecure that when we tend to go to the doctor we look for a sense of compassion and protection of our feelings and emotions. An OBYGN really only knows the reproductive system when it comes to dealing with lupus, a rheumatologist will have a better experience and education on the disease and that is why each doctor should communicate with each other while you are either pregnant or just you dealing with your overall health.

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