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Last updated: July 2021

Why should a doctor feel that they have the right to force a specific treatment onto an individual? If that person does not want to do it, then I believe they should not do it. I have had those experiences a little too often.

Experience with doctors

Doctors have tried to force treatment on me and then tell me to be okay with the side effect that these treatments cause. In their eyes, maybe the long-term goal in their eyes is for me to have a better and longer life. Sometimes I wonder for my sanity, why would someone make someone a test subject just to see if it works or not? I have told my doctor things that I do not like, and she would force something back on me. Recently, I went to the doctor and I have never felt uncomfortable around her before. I noticed after she realized my demeanor, she wanted me to know that she did not want me to feel uncomfortable.

Pressing questions about pregnancy

She asked me whether I am practicing some type of birth control and I said the normal contraceptives. She of course felt that it was not good enough especially with the medicine that I am on. Come to find out she could not find anything bad about pregnancy and my medication. So, she then diverted back to saying that well I SHOULD be on birth control. She spoke about the implant and I told her no because of the side effects that I have had with the last one. She looked appalled by my decision and I felt and stood confident in my decision. The pains that I have experienced because of the birth control made me feel very uneasy. Then she looked at me and asked me, well what kind of birth control would I recommend. My honest opinion is regular contraceptives, but she insisted that I be on something. Then, it made me feel like my opinion really did not matter anyway, she just felt the need to ask.

Trying to find a new doctor

I have also been battling issues with my weight and when she came into the room, she told me that I am no longer obese I am now just overweight. Knowing for the past few months I have been trying to get my weight down, it has just really been hard to with having a child to run behind and no one to really watch her if I wanted to go to the gym or not. I started to go to the gym in the mornings and she looked at me as if I were lying to her. Sometimes I felt as if she did not understand. Then she told me about not eating after 3 pm to try intermittent fasting. I can not do that especially with the times I decide to take my medicine. I can not run around all day and not fuel myself up, so this landed me back at square one. Trying to find a new doctor and being on a better regimen for myself. I want to be comfortable with my doctors not scared to communicate with them.

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