A doctor talks to a lupus patient, and the doctor's speech bubble reaches an arm out to lovingly hold the patient's speech bubble.

Experiences With Doctors

We all have those experiences with lupus doctors that make you want to keep them and change them. Some may be rude and some may be nice. It depends on your preferences. I have had rude doctors that felt like it was their way or the highway. I have had rude doctors but were the best doctors you can come across because you end up not having serious complications.

Different experiences with doctors

I had one doctor that recently passed and he was my first doctor ever. He was also my mother's doctor. I could not understand why he said I looked good when I felt terrible. I mean, at every doctor's appointment, he would say I look just fine and I could not see. My face would be flared and all. I needed guidance for my eyes. I am young and rebellious and if you were not going to tell me what to do at 18, I was not going to do it. But I know he meant well. Because when I got sick he was always there.

Then, I moved to Dallas, and I had a doctor who was so blunt and honest that I think she did not really notice when she hurt someone's feelings. When I found out I was pregnant, I went to see my rheumatologist and she would tell me things that tore my soul. Stuff such as:

Oh you are early in your pregnancy you can still have a miscarriage...

You need to realize that...

Doctor's bedside manner

In my mind, I felt that there were better ways to talk to a patient. Like, better customer service should be provided to anyone to keep them coming. I cannot see that you’re a great doctor through that negative attitude of yours. Sometimes I feel as if a doctor could take better care of their patients and sometimes I thought that maybe they did not learn that in school. It's not to be rude, but I do switch doctors because I believe that a doctor should be able to listen and hear your opinions about yourself and health. I am a very sensitive person at heart, so I cry a lot.

When I met a kidney specialist, he was the best. My kidney doctor would pray for me before we talk about the blood work I went through and he made sure he popped up every time I was admitted to the hospital. He was determined to get me to better health so I could have a child with my husband. He would tell me certain foods that I should be eating to help me with my kidneys, digestive system, and more. He put me on infusions for my kidneys and when I walked into his office for an appointment he was happy. He was happy that I lost all that weight and I looked more healthy. So just remember they are some great doctors that are mean. Just keep going until you find the right doctor. Just remember you will find one.

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