An open cardboard moving box in the middle of large cobwebs.

Moving Into My Apartment

So, I did this thing where I moved into my own apartment and I had a really bad flare as soon as I moved in. This caused me to feel pain throughout my body that I never felt before. It was a very restful 2 days that I had due to my body shutting down on me.

The state of the apartment

Before I moved here, of course, someone used to stay here before me. When I tell you, it was one of the dirtiest apartments I have ever seen. The person that stayed before me was not clean at all. I did not depend it on my landlord to physically clean the apartment because he is elderly, but a wonderful man. When I came into the apartment, I cleaned with bleach, Lysol, and gloves. They had dead roaches all throughout the kitchen that I had to clean out. The rest of the house was not tragic, it was the kitchen that was the problem.

I kept questioning myself on how people can leave an apartment like that knowing that someone else might move in. The dust in the house was an inch thick, so it let me know that it has not been cleaned for a while or the place has been abandoned for a while. The day that I came to move in I made my husband clean the ceiling fans because that would cause a serious problem for my health.

Support from my husband

My husband was infuriated because he saw how thick the dust was and he was disgusted. The next day after I moved in I started to tell my husband certain problems I had been having. It started to be hard for me to take deep breaths, I had a hard time not catching muscle spasms, I was extremely exhausted and tired. I started to feel that my body was shutting completely down on me.

So, the steps I have taken helped. Because I have such a great husband it was really easy for me to get rest and having our daughter. He would watch her and I would be sleep for hours. I would wake up and do my homework and go right back to sleep and she was great for him. It took me at least 16 hours of sleep to try and help my body heal in any type of way. I also ended up taking all my regular meds and the medication tramadol for pain. I have not taken that in a while but I do keep it for rainy days.

I should have listened to my body when it said lay down and rest and don’t get too overwhelmed. The reason why I will always go in and clean a house is that my mom raised me to be that way and also I watched my mom do it and how she handled it when moved each time. She would clean up all the time and would tell us that she could not afford to get sick and end up in the hospital. Now that I am older with lupus too I completely understand what she was talking about. Overall I am so happy to be in my own place now that it is clean.

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