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4 Items I Wish I Would Have Researched Before Moving Cities

Moving is a part of life. Whether it’s a new job, family, or circumstance. Moving is a hard reality of life. Many people research schools, crime, neighborhoods, etc. But having a chronic disease creates different needs.

After living in San Diego for over 17 years, the time came that I needed to move to a different city hundreds of miles away. Before moving, I wish someone would have discussed the following with me. The reason being is that each of these factors affected my disease greatly and may have changed my decision.

Weather and lupus

Humidity, barometric pressure, and colder weather should all be considered. I lived in dry beach weather and moved to a wetter and colder climate. I found the cold caused my arthritis to flare and infections to increase. I was sick with various colds and flu from October to May until the weather warmed up. The barometric pressure was greater which also caused more strain on my joints. Overall, I am sicker in this climate. Before you move, consider if the weather will affect you.

Environmental lupus triggers

Look at what the area is like. Is it a city, the country, mountains, etc. The area we moved to was a farming community with lots of dust and pollen. The water quality from the tap was also high in contaminates. This change from the beach to country created sinusitis and other ailments with my Sjogren’s disease. Environmental changes can create threats to your system. Educate yourself about the environment and prepare yourself before you move.

Changing doctors

Are you content with your treatment plan and your provider? Then think long and hard before moving. Do your homework on the area you are moving to. Contact doctors in the area you are moving to and see if they suit your needs.

I frequently saw my rheumatologist, urologist, and OBGYN. I have been living in a new city for 5 years and still failed to find adequate care. I have been in the emergency room several times a year due to doctors wanting to change my treatment plan. Not a single doctor wants to continue my care that I was on and that is known to work with me. Ego has them wanting to change all my medications and not work with my old doctors. If I would have known it would be so hard to find good medical care, I honestly would have never moved. I currently travel once a month, which is costly, to see my old doctors. This is so my medical care is not interrupted.

Support network for moving

Will you still have a support network where you are moving too? I honestly took for granted having family and friends around me. Mental health is just as important with chronic disease as physical health. Moving to a new area without extended family and friends was rough. Making new friends with disease or not is difficult. I would ask myself, can you live without your support network when you move?

I hope this article helps you to do a little research as a lupus patient before the decision is made to move. Your health and mental wellness are just as important as the area you are moving to. What do you wish you would have known before you moved?

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