Weather and Seasonal Changes

How has everyone with lupus been dealing with their weather, and how does it changes drastically every day? This time around, summer has been overwhelmingly hot, but we have been having a lot of rainy days in Louisiana. I find myself running my duties around heat peak hours, and that’s because I will wake up feeling really tired because of the weather changes. When it rains, I will sleep a lot and wake up feeling relieved and relaxed, but it is a completely different feeling when it is sunny outside.

Hot weather and lupus

When I go outside, within about 30 minutes, I feel so exhausted, and I really feel like I want to go home and not become bothered with anyone. I do not want to cook or clean. I really just want to stay home and sleep. So I have to find time to take naps literally, and the best times are when little ava is asleep. In the state of Louisiana, the weather always says it feels like 101 degrees or 103. Sometimes what even feels ridiculous is how long it takes for my car to cool down. I recommend anyone with lupus who has a car to invest in tinted windows. It protects your skin and also keeps your car from getting too hot or what people consider to say "overheated." Always keep fluids around. I keep at least 2 to 3 bottles of water in my car all the time. Anyone but also being a lupus patient, we have to keep ourselves well hydrated.

What helps me

I decided to go to the second line we have in Louisiana one day. It is like Mardi Gras on Sundays. That was one of the worst times for me because it was completely hot, and I was in a really bad flare-up. My skin reacted horribly. I had to go to the hospital because I was badly burned and blistered all over my body. In the wintertime, I worry my joints will react horribly. That is when my skin begins to crack – even after moisturizer. That is when it is best to moisturize my skin right out of the shower. But it's also what I moisturize my skin with. I have had times where my skin eroded, and blood clots cracked, peel, bleed, heal, and repeat. I must say that dealing with my skin taught me how to handle myself during seasons. Sometimes it becomes hard when dealing with a child, and you always have to remember to put your health first to live a long virtuous life.

Everyone's body is different, and sometimes it's hard to understand how your body will react. I suggest further advice from a doctor because it pertains to what medication you take to understand how the weather would affect your body.

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