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Who do you recommend?

I'm Penny and I live in Portage MI, and I was diagnosed last year Feb of 2022 with lupus. I'm also an Avon Representative and want to do a fundraiser for those effected like I am with Lupus. What organization would you recommend for me to reach out to? I really want to help the best organizations that really help us.

  1. I appreciate how dedicated you are to supporting the lupus community! It's so important! The Lupus Foundation of America has a lot of great programs to support the lupus community! They might be a good resource to check out.
    Gabby (team member)

    1. Thank you dear I will email them now about it. I never thought of them, and they were the one I called when I was first diagnosed. Shame on me.

    2. I'm going to do a fundraiser for them for the whole month of June I'm so excited.

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